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First steps when a user has an issue

  1. Check the role of the user
    1. Are they a TEA User, LEA Data Entry, LEA Viewer? 
  2. Their role greatly impacts what they are able to see and do in Ascend
    1. Is the user still trying to obtain a role for Ascend?
  1. Requests for Ascend are all processed through TEAL and go to whoever is in charge of TEAL access requests for the LEA (or other organization)
    1. If someone is not being approved, they should reach out to the person who is denying access to sort out the situation


  1. Check the school year showing in Ascend

(this is especially important to consider in the few months following the July 1st school year change)

    1. The school year selection at the top of the screen needs to be accurate before entering sections of Ascend.
  1. If the school year at the top of the page is 2021-22 and you need to view 2022-23, you’ll need to go back to the dashboard, change the school year and then view the item in question


  1. To reopen something that has been submitted, TEA Full Edit users will need to click on the ellipsis icon associated with the item that needs reopened
    1. Some items should not be reopened past certain dates, which is why a TEA Full Edit user is required
  1. Example: Self-Assessment being reopened after the due date compared to reopening a Self-Assessment that was submitted prematurely before the state-wide due date (usually June 1st)


  1. Blank dashboard or not seeing the LEAs they should see
    1. Users need to subscribe to the LEAs they wish to see on their dashboard
  1. To do this, at the top of Ascend, users will click on the gear icon and then add the LEAs needed to their dashboard
    1. Using the dropdown menu to the left of the gear icon, users can select a single LEA to view on the dashboard to restrict the data to only that one LEA
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