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How do I register for a certification examination?

Follow the steps below to register for an examination:

NOTE: If you need to take a Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT), please visit http://tea.texas.gov/Texas_Educators/Certification/Educator_Testing/Pre-Admission_Content_Test/ for your instructions.

  1. Login or create your TEAL account at https://tealprod.tea.state.tx.us.
  2. Once logged in, click on the View My Educator Certification Account link to access your educator certification records.
  3. You will need to update your educator profile information, and click Continue to save your changes.
  4. Locate your TEA ID number at the top of the account screen. This number will be required for test registration.
  5. Obtain test authorization from your educator preparation program or TEA. In most cases, certified educators seeking additional classroom teaching areas will not need special approval.

Once you have received test authorization, you may register directly with the testing vendor. Additional information can be found on the TEA Testing Registration and Preparation portion of the website.

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