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How do I approve account requests in TEAL for staff in my organization?

Requests for access to TEA web applications (TSDS PEIMS, TREx, Accountability, and others) are usually entered online and routed for approval online. You, as the superintendent, provide the first level of review and approval for anyone working in a TEA web application for your organization. If you approve access for one of your staff, the request is then routed to TEA for final approval.


To fulfill your responsibility to review requests for access, you will need to be set up with the correct access in both of our web security gateway applications: the Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL).




Follow these instructions to remove listings and access for the previous superintendent and to set up yours:

  1. Verify that your name is listed in the Superintendent field for your district/charter school in the AskTED directory. TEA staff use the directory to verify superintendent status. If the previous superintendent’s name is still listed, contact the AskTED administrator at your district and ask that the field be updated.
  2. Make sure all TEAL and TEASE access for the previous superintendent has been revoked. TEA staff will need to verify that your name, and not your predecessor’s name, is listed in AskTED. You can request help via a TEA Help Desk ticket to have this done.
  3. If you had TEAL access for a previous organization, make sure that access has been revoked.


For TEAL:  Log on and click My Application Accounts in the self-service menu. Check each application account you used for your previous organization and click the Delete Account button. This removes your access but permits you to keep the same user ID and password for access to applications for your new organization.


  1. For TEASE, please request help via a TEA Help Desk ticket to have this done. TEA staff will need to revoke access and you will need to request a new account with a different user name and password.
  2. Enter a request online to approve access in TEALfor your new organization. For step-by-step instructions and important information about approval responsibilities, see the TEAL Quick Reference for Organization Approvers. You can also find these on our TEA webpage.
  3. After you have requested and been approved by TEA for your TEAL privileges to review account requests, you can log on to both gateways and request any additional applications needed. For example, you may need access to Accountability, Foundation School Program (FSP), School FIRST, GFFC Reports, eGrants, TSDS PEIMS, or Waivers. For information about where and how to request access to these TEA web applications and more, see the TEA Secure Applications page on our website.


You can always reach us via the TEA Help Desk if you have additional questions or need assistance with any of the steps described.

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