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What if the individual or the district did not receive the scheduling email?

Receipt of the email itself is not necessary to schedule an appointment, however the individual must be pre-enrolled with MorphoTrust.

In order to schedule an appointment, an individual who is pre-enrolled with MorphoTrust must know their UE-ID number. For non-certified educators, the district may access the UE-ID number in ECOS by clicking on ‘Fingerprinting’, then ‘Non-Certified’, entering the Social Security number of the individual, and then ‘Submit’. The UE-ID will be displayed, and should be given to the individual for appointment scheduling.

Certified educators may also access their UE-ID if they have not received an email from MorphoTrust. The educator must log on to their educator account through TEAL, and choose ‘Fingerprint Status’. This screen will display the UE-ID number, the service code, and provide a link for appointment scheduling through MorphoTrust.

Be aware that the MorphoTrust scheduling emails will be sent from nobody@uemail.IdentoGO.com

This email may be filtered to spam or junk folders.

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