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eGrants - “Save” or "Certify and Submit" button is disabled

Question: I am in eGrants but the <Save> button or the <Certify and Submit> button is disabled. Why can I not change data or submit the application or report?

Solution: The five most common reasons an eGrants user is unable to use the function buttons are:

  1. The user is using the wrong internet browser. Internet Explorer is the browser that works best in eGrants.

  2. The application or report is either submitted or in process and cannot be updated until the TEA process is completed.

  3. The application or report needs to be amended. Click on the <New Amendment> or <Amend> button to start the process.

  4. Review the table for eGrants Roles to determine if the user has the correct access to the application or report.

  5. The due date may have passed and the system will no longer allow changes to the application or report. For information on the last date to amend or submit an application or report, please refer to the critical dates listed under the Calendar of Events section for your grant.
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