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eGrants - Nothing Happens When I Click on the Attachment Button

Question:   I have tried to attach a document, and every time I click on the button, nothing happens.  Why is this not working?

Solution: The problem is an enabled popup blocker. With different software systems, seek the assistance of your organization’s IT staff to find the enabled popup blocker.

To disable popup blockers:

Using Windows Internet Explorer:

  1. Go into the <Tools>, <Internet options>, and select the <Privacy Tab>.

  2. Be sure the <Turn on Pop-up Blocker> is not checked.

  3. However the problem may be that popups need to be allowed. When the person clicks on the <attach> button, the computer beeps or an informational line may appear such as the one below. Click on the line and allow the popup window to open or make the website a trusted site.


Using Google Popup Blocker Issue

 Enable or disable the Pop-up blocker

  1. Click Toolbar's wrench icon.
  2. On the <Tools> tab, select (or deselect) the <Pop-up blocker>  checkbox.
  3. Click <Save>.

Allow pop-ups

To allow pop-ups, just click Toolbar's <Pop-up blocker> button. The button's icon should change from 'Pop- ups blocked'  to 'Pop-ups allowed . Once you allow pop-ups on a specific website, Pop-up blocker adds the website to an 'Allowed sites' whitelist.


View the 'Allowed sites' list

  1. Click Toolbar's wrench icon.
  2. On the <Tools> tab, click the <Edit> link next to the 'Pop-up blocker' checkbox.
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