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eGrants - Opening Program Guidance Documents in eGrants Gives an Error Message

Question: I am trying to open the program guidance documents in eGrants and the document gives me an error message. How do I fix my setting to view these documents?


Solution: The eGrants guidance documents are stored on a secure server (http://maverick.tea.state.tx.us:8080/)

This server needs to have two-way communications through any server firewall that the organization may have set up for their network. The organization’s IT staff may need to make Port 80 available or make the URL website above into a trusted center that will allow the computers on the organization’s server to open and view these documents.

Another option is changing the connection settings going through <Tools> and <Internet options> and go to the <Connections> tab and click on the <LAN settings> button.

Select the checkbox for “Use a proxy server ….” And enter the address of “cody.tea.state.tx.us” and port of “80” and click on <OK>.


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