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eGrants - System Times Out while Creating a Printable Version of Application or Report

Question: I am trying to create a printable version of my grant application or report and the system keeps timing out before it can create the document. Is there another way to create a printable document?


Solution: During peak times, multiple users may be in the system and trying to create a printable version. The <View and print most recently saved version> button may not be able to keep up with the creation of a pdf version of the document. There is another way to view and print a submitted document in eGrants.

Grant Applications

On the Table of Contents screen of the application, open the <document library> link, located at the bottom right side of the page.


A popup window will appear. Look for the last amendment number and the last version number. The most recently submitted document usually appears near the top of the list.

Mouse over the application title and click to open a PDF version of the document.


In the example below, the user will view the most recent “Special Ed” grant. The latest amendment submitted is amendment (Amd) 01 version 01.

The last application approved is Amd 00 version 04


Progress/Compliance and Evaluation Reports

For Progress/Compliance or Evaluation Reports that are completed and listed on grant application page, follow the same procedure through the <Document Library> link.

To view these reports, be sure to check the box for <Progress/Compliance/Evaluation Report> and click <Search>. The window will display the reports submitted to TEA.



From the Table of Contents page:

  1. Open the <special collection report> section and click on the title of the report to open.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the campus needed to view and print. Click on the <List Versions> button.

  3. A listing under the Document Library section of this report will appear. Click on the name of the document listed in the Document Library and a PDF version of the report will open that you can quickly view and print.

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