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Updating Security Questions in TEAL

The first time you log on to TEAL, you are prompted to set three security questions. Whenever you need to reset your password, you are prompted to answer one of the three questions. You can log on to TEAL anytime to change or update answers to the questions.


NOTE: If you have never set up security questions and no longer have your temporary password, or it has expired, you will need to submit a TEA Help Desk request so that we can assist you.


To update your existing security questions:


1. Log on to TEAL at https://pryor.tea.state.tx.us/.


2. Click My Security Questions.



3. Select the desired questions from the dropdown lists. The system will require you to re-set all three questions, but you may select questions you have used previously and even enter the same answers if desired.



4. Type answers for the questions. Remember that the questions must be answered exactly the way they are typed. For example, the user in the illustration above entered “Maple St.” by abbreviating the word “street”, followed by a period. Whenever the user is prompted by the system to answer this question, the answer must be entered exactly the same way.


5. When you are satisfied with your answers, click Save Changes.


6. Click the X to close the Security Questions tab.

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