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Duplicate TEAL User Accounts

In most cases, users may not have more than one identity in the TEA Login (TEAL) security system. You may have a duplicate TEAL user account if you received a notification or error message indicating a user account already exists, if you have difficulties logging on to TEAL, or if you are unable to find or click the link to an ECOS for Educators account in TEAL.

If you are enrolled in an Educational Preparation Program (EPP) or work in a district/charter school using the TSDS studentGPS Dashboards, a TEAL user account may have been created on your behalf. If you attempt to set up a TEAL user account on your own, the system will warn you about the duplicate user account.

If you believe that you have a duplicate TEAL account, submit TEA Help Desk request to allow us to assist you further. We will research your information to determine whether or not you have a duplicate TEAL account and assist you with getting your access set up correctly.

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