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Create a TEAL User Account to Apply for or Renew Certification

Educators, including educational aides need a TEAL user account in order to access the Educator Certification Online System (ECOS) to apply for or renew certification.


Set Up a TEAL User Account to Access your Certification Records:

  1. Go to https://tealprod.tea.state.tx.us/.  


  2. Click Request New User Account and complete the online form.



  3. Select Educator as the Organization Type. Then enter the requested information so that TEAL can link you to your records in ECOS. In order to link your accounts successfully, you must enter this information exactly as it exists in ECOS.

    (Note that if your name is listed differently on your driver’s license or state ID, you will need to request a name change on your educator account before testing or fingerprinting tasks can be completed.)


  4. After you complete the form, click Submit. You will be prompted immediately to create a password.



  5. The system prompts you to agree to the assurance statement. Click I Agree after reading the statement (or click Cancel to leave the system).
  6. The system prompts you to select and set up three security questions. These questions are used to verify your identity if you need to reset your password in the future.security_questions.png
  7. You will be redirected to the TEAL login page. Click the blue View My Educator Certification Account link above your TEA ID (on the TEAL Applications tab) to access your ECOS profile. Your educator profile is displayed in the blue Educator screens.     educator_link.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  8. Review your profile and make any changes needed. To save changes, you must scroll down and click Continue at the bottom of the profile page.



  9. After you review and click Continue at the bottom of your Educator profile, the blue Main Menu is displayed.
  10. To apply for or renew a certification, click Applications (fourth option down on the blue Main Menu).
  11. Select the desired option and follow onscreen instructions.

    If you need further assistance submit a request in the TEA Help Desk.

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