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Create a TEAL User Account and Request Access to a Web Application

Follow the steps below to set up a TEAL user account and request access to an application, such as TSDS Portal, TREx, or ECOS for Entities:


  1. Go to https://pryor.tea.state.tx.us/.


  2. Click Request New User Account and complete the online form.



  3. Select the most appropriate Organization Type. Then enter additional requested information for your TEAL profile. 


  4. After you complete the form, click Submit. Within 45 minutes, you should receive two email messages with your login information. If you do not see the messages in your inbox, check the junk or spam folders.


  5. Log on to TEAL at https://pryor.tea.state.tx.us/ with the username and temporary password sent in the new account email notification. Remember to enter the dot between your first and last names.


  6. When prompted, set your own new password. Be sure to use the temporary password sent to you in the “Current Password” field.



  7. The system prompts you to agree to the assurance statement. Click I Agree after reading the statement (or click Cancel to leave the system).


  8. The system prompts you to select and set up three security questions. These questions are used to verify your identity if you need to reset your password in the future.


  9. After you are logged in to TEAL, the home page appears. If you have not been granted access to any applications yet, there will be no applications listed.


  10. Click Apply for Access.



  11. Click the link for the application for which you would like access, or double-click the application name.



  12. When a page like the following appears, click Add Access.


  13. Type the name of your organization. Once you begin typing, a list of authorized organization appears. Select the name of your organization from the list.



  14. Select the appropriate role. (If you have questions about which role you should select, contact the person in your organization who can provide guidance on how the application is used. You may also find helpful information by checking the TEA Secure Applications Information page for contact information.)


  15. Type in any other information requested.


  16. Click Done.


  17. Click Save Changes. If the request was submitted successfully, a success message appears at the top of the tab.



Note: If you have a pending request for application access, you cannot make additional requests for the same employing organization and application. The pending request must be approved before you can submit a request for additional access.

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