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Paying for Permits Online

The information below is for authorized school district representatives. If you are an educator, please discuss permit eligibility with your employing school district.  

How do we pay if our district does not have a credit card?

  • All ISDs were required to register an electronic account with the Comptroller’s office which means the district has an ACH that can be used (electronic check).
    • May need to contact your business office for Account Number and Routing Number or have the business office representative complete payment.
    • As you go through the payment screens, you will see the option to enter in your Account Number and Routing Number. There is no pre setup. Every time you are ready to pay for a permit/permits, you will enter your district payment information. Please note: you are able to pay for multiple permits as the same time. Simply select the permits you wish to pay in the "Pay Permit" column.

What happens if our business office generates a check?

  • An ISD representative would need to enter the Account Number and Routing Number from the check and complete the online payment. This can be done by either the person responsible for submitting permits or the business office personnel. Your district will decide internally who is responsible for submitting payment.
  • If check is mistakenly sent to TEA, it will immediately be refunded.

Why am I not able to submit payments?

  • Not every ISD employee is authorized to submit payments. If it has been determined at your district that you should be authorized, you will need to Add/Modify your access in TEAL to include “District_Submit Permits”.
  • To Add/Modify your access:
    • Login to TEAL and Select “Access Applications” on your left.
    • From there, click the "Add/Modify Access" button.
    • Follow the steps on the application access details page.
    • Under Roles and Parameters select “District_Submit Permits
    • Be sure to click “Done” and save your changes.  

Do we still need to send a fee remittance form?

  • No, the fee remittance form is no longer required for permit payments and nothing needs to be mailed to TEA.


If you have any questions please let us know and you can always submit a helpdesk ticket.


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