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What do districts do with out-of-adoption instructional materials or materials we no longer need?

Districts determine locally whether to recycle, sell, donate, or dispose of instructional materials that are no longer useful in the classroom.

Districts are required to maintain an accurate inventory and must complete the TEX-012 Inventory Adjustment to report state-adopted materials that are lost, damaged, destroyed, sold, or otherwise disposed of. TEA will remove the materials from the district EMAT inventory once the submission is received. The TEX-012 is available through the Lost/Damage/Destroyed link on your District Start Page in EMAT.

Districts are not required to report the loss or sale of non-adopted materials (including out-of-adoption materials) or adopted or non-adopted materials purchased through the disbursement process.

Any funds received from the sale of instructional materials should be used for allowable technology and instructional material allotment purchases.

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