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What type of activities are accepted for CPE clock hours?

1. Institutes, workshops, seminars, conferences, in-service or staff development activities
given by an approved provider or sponsor.

2. Completing the following from an accredited institution of higher education;

  • undergraduate courses in the content area knowledge and skills related to the
    certificate being renewed
  • graduate courses
  • training programs

3. Interactive distance learning, video conferencing, or on-line activities or conferences

4. Independent study not to exceed 20% of the required clock hours [30 hours for
classroom teachers and 40 hours for professional class certificates] (which may include
self-study of relevant professional materials (books, journals, periodicals, video and
audio tapes, computer software, and participation in on-line programs), or authoring a
published work

5. Developing curriculum or CPE training materials

6. Teaching or presenting a CPE activity not to exceed 10% of the required clock hours [15
clock hours for classroom teachers and 20 clock hours for professional certificates]

7. Providing professional guidance as a mentor to another educator [such as cooperating
teacher, mentor to a candidate who is preparing for standard or professional
certification], not to exceed 30% of the required clock hours [30 clock hours for a
classroom teacher and 40 clock hours for the professional certificate)

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