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What is the Texas Resource Review?

Texas Resource Review (TRR) provides detailed, comprehensive quality reviews of instructional materials, so school districts can easily compare options and make informed purchasing decisions. Our goal is for all students in Texas to have access to rigorous, high-quality materials. 

Written into statute in 2017 (Texas Education Code §31.081 and §31.082), TEA contracts with a third-party vendor to conduct an independent analysis of selected instructional materials to evaluate their quality. By completing these reviews, TEA aims to support and strengthen local education agencies (LEA)s' local review process by providing free, clear, and user-friendly information about the quality of instructional materials using a 100% transparent process. 

The RR Website, open to the public at no cost, is where all completed instructional materials quality reviews are published. The website is designed so instructional materials are easily comparable across specific quality criteria and enables districts to sort materials based on their local needs and preferences. 

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