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What can I do if I haven’t received an order that I placed through an accessible instructional material (AIM) requisition?

If you haven’t received an order, open the requisition in EMAT and click View/Print Order List. You will see a Status column on the right-hand side of the page which will show you the status of your order.

Dispatched means the order has not been selected for shipment by the AIM producer. Shipped indicates the order has been selected for shipment in EMAT. Complete means the order has been fulfilled and your school has received the materials. Received means the district has marked the order as received in EMAT to add the materials to the district’s inventory.

If your order is still in dispatched status and the date is past the expected ship date, please submit a Help Desk ticket, and TEA staff will follow up with the appropriate AIM producer(s).

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